Korea Adventures: Jeonju Hanok Village 전주한옥마을

By Cathy H - 3:03 AM

On day 2 of my cultural trip, we visited Jeonbuk province.  I enjoyed trying the delicious bibimbap and Jeonju’s uniquely made Choco-pie in Jeonju Hanok Village. The village reminded me a little of Busan’s Gamcheon village with the many individual shop vendors displaying unique works of art and jewelry.  However, this village had a much more rich, historical Korean vibe with its’ temple shaped roof-tops and a even a little garden with a waterfall. Even though many of the shops weren’t open, I was grateful that we arrived there early to explore and wander about as I was told later that the Hanok village usually gets crazy busy during the day. Last but not least, I got to learn some Korean drumming skills in Jeonju’s cultural experience center. Even though the instructor didn’t communicate much in English, we all understood his point and soon found ourselves beating rhythmically at his command.  It felt we were accomplishing some sort of group beat, however beginning it would be compared to the instructor’s master drum skills he showcased to us at the end of the lesson.

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