Korea Adventures: Sangu Beach

By Cathy H - 8:07 PM

Sangju beach is where we stayed for 3 days and ofcourse I had to make some mandatory beach shots!  I did get sunburn on the last day from staying on the beach from 11am-4pm because not only was I sun tanning- I also did 3 watersports! I tried Stand up Paddle boat  (SUP) and managed to get myself to the middle of the ocean without falling. I was pleasantly surprised because I saw some people didn't manage to stand up past the waves close to shore. I guess all my previous kayak and canoe experiences paid off? I also did kayak, and banana boat jet ski! That's where 5 of us get on a skinny banana looking boat and hold on to our dear lives attached to a jet ski going at an insane speed around the island waters. It was so fast that 3 of us fell off in the middle of the ocean and I got a rope burn and giant bruise. That was definitely a nice experience despite the fall. Overall, the experiences I had on this island is definitely something to remember. 

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