Downtown Daegu Adventures and Korea Life

By Cathy H - 8:36 AM

Here is a glimpse of what I've been doing on the weekends in Daegu, which is only a 30 minute train ride from my little town. I feel that ever since I've been here, I feel blessed by god in so many ways. That there were so many difficulties and things which could go wrong, but he didn't let me experience any of them. I think my life is so perfect at this point. I have just the right amount of free time to study korean, catch up on movies, and meet my friends. And the other half goes to a relaxed schedule of teaching and socializing with other teachers at my school. Me and my friend were discussing our life here after finding that the teaching program I'm in will be discontinued starting 2016. Therefore, I'm in the last generation of a full year contract. She said "everyday I'm going to work, it's like a dream. I'm loving it!" And that moment really made me feel how blessed I am. That I was placed in a great location, with so many friends and english speakers around me, and so many student's parents going out of their way to drive me home, bow to me when seeing me grocery shopping. As well, my mentor teacher who despite his lack of english skills tries his best and helps me complete important tasks to make my life here easier. I really felt the meaning of the saying "nothing can be done by one person alone" while here- because even though I thought I'd be ~on my own~ in conquering everything here, I realize that it came through a lot of people's kindness and hard work to ensure my transition here a success. 
Sometimes I feel in such a daze that I'm really here. It's been almost 2 months and hasn't sunk in yet! I'm just so thankful everything has been working out the way they did and I get to enjoy the peacefulness of small city life, while being able to access the big cities so easily. I'm working on staying in the moment and enjoying everything I have. Life is so slow paced yet meaningful here- from cooking food to taking a walk around my neighbourhood, I feel so at peaceful and happy. 

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