Grand Budapest Hotel Movie Review

By Cathy H - 11:42 PM

Last night I watched this movie with my friends after voting on this between a few other conventional "blockbuster" movies. I really enjoyed it surprisingly considering I can only sit through horror/pyschological thrillers. I think the reason is the set design, film colouring and the setting is so visually stunning. There are elements of violence, humour, love, friendship all combined into one and takes the audience back to the 30's old fashioned style. I loved the relationship between Gustave and Zero the lobby boy, an very unlikely friendship but portrayed with just the right amount of emotions, coupled with absurdity. It's a work of art portraying a lost magic, the antique fantasy world where macarons and pastries were hand made and packaged. When people still rode on trains and wrote letters to each other. It's almost nostalgic in a way, old fashioned love and colourful dainty buildings making up little villages. I always wanted to live in an era like that where everything was simple and I could make my way into small shops to run daily errands.  I'd rate it 9/10 in general!

The set design and cinematography is just like a work of art, almost like individual paintings made into motion film.

On the side note, I want to make this pastry from the film!

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