Armin Only Intense World Tour Vancouver Concert

By Cathy H - 2:32 PM

I saw my favorite DJ back in vancity again the same time this year. We went in at 7:30pm thinking show would start but it actually began at 9pm. It was actually prettt frustrating at first waiting because he was hiding behind a blue bubble for 2H. Around 9pm he came back on and the show began. That thrill, that moment, the sight of him coming on stage is always unforgettable.  He started with "intense" with real violin accompaniment and most of the other songs with the singers from his album such as Richard Bedford, Trevor Gutherie, Laura Jaansen. They were amazing and the guitar/drum parts blew me away! Around 10pm me and bff went to sit on bleachers because front was getting so claustrophobic and I couldn't breathe.  
Around 11pm we went back down and that's when the INTENSE moment hit me. I danced for next 2 hours with everyone in crowd,  everytime a old favorite came on and everyone screamed and sang along. It was unreal being with thousands of other Armin fans sharing this moment. the bright lights,  beats,  armin smiling at the front, the drop...this is what I rave for!! He played all the songs I wanted to hear on my "EDM bucket list" especially jai envie de toi, communications,  humming the lights and I dont deserve you.

The visuals, dancers, acrobat acts were amazing. The confettis and balloon drop during "ping pong" made everyone go wild. It amazes me how his lights crew and him coordinate the lasers and effects because he plays the set according to the crowd.  This reminds me why Armin is my favourite,  he puts 100% effort into his shows and genuinely enjoys it. He works hard and produces amazing mixes and music, thats why he is my trance god! This is definitely a day ill remember forever,  im so fortunate to experience an Armin Only show in Vancouver because trance and EDM brought me so much joy. XX

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  1. The conser looks amazing, looks like you had grat time..
    Cute floral headbands
    Have a great day

  2. You are so beautiful! I guess you had such a great time! ^_-*

    ❤ ✿ NEW POST ✿ ❤

  3. That looks amazing! So many of my friends went to Armin. I've never gone to one before but maybe in the near future :P
    Just changed my blog name haha to something more Vancouver specific. Let me know what you think :)