Summertime Sadness

By Cathy H - 10:06 PM

I finally learned how to use Final Cut Pro X after realizing I could no longer use Sony Vegas on OSX since it wasn't compatible. It was hard to give up because I've been editing on that since 2009 but actually, Final Cut only took me a few hours a learn!! This video is a experiment of all the effects/colors I tested out. I actually prefer Final Cut over Sony Vegas now..not to mention the RENDERING SPEED IS INSANELY FAST. Literally only 10 minutes compared to 3 hours for a 100MB video on vegas. Now if I can get my act together I can actually start filming/editing some epic makeup videos and what not...but its so hard to squeeze my hobbies in with work and school. 

Anyhow, here's some Yellowstone sceneries and some nice campfire moments that makes me think back to amazing summer 2013.

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