Sally Hansen #CSMTKO complete manicure review! !

By Cathy H - 10:45 PM

received 3 sally hansen nailpolish compliments of influenster for testing purpose! ! Came with 3 colors "jaded"  "red my lips" and "pat on the back." Each of these colors are VERY vivid in color and I tried on "jaded" tonight.  The brush is very thick and good quality, thus easy application.  I have trouble painting nails because the skin that surrounds my nails are usually very close to the nail so I always get nailpolish on the skin. But with this applicator, it was easy and not much bleeding outside of the color.

this nail polish says to have long lasting wear,and with the cconsistency I see it looks to be true! 

- wide application tip
- vivid and nice pastel color
-comes with alot of product and variety
-has a very shiny and clean finish,  similar to salon quality in color evenness

-takes ALOT of coats for color to show through. FIRST few applications were transparent almost and took almost 5 or 6 coats to achieve the desired nail color.
-drying time is slow due to the amount of coats that need to be applied. 
- strong smell and a little bit too sticky.

OVERALL, I give this product 7/10 because it achieves a great shine BUT just require way too many coats which needs alot of time to apply and dry.

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  1. I like the color but 5-6 coats, is way too much