Happy Thanksgiving!

By Cathy H - 11:40 PM

For thanksgiving I always think of what I'm thankful for, I'm gonna list 10 reasons now!

1. My best friend because we live so close and share so many things/crazy times together and think so alike, my partner in crime and I see her probably 95% of the year over other people.

2. My cute crush because he's just so adorable, friendly,shy,motivated,sweet and positive..and the list goes onnnnnn. I just love him in every way possible and I'm thankful I know someone like him because most people are either full of hate or negative, or don't respect or value each other as a person. But he takes the time to think about making the world a better place, he taught me to keep calm and carry on!

3. My work because it's soo fun and I get to do my favorite hobby which is making food and drinks. Also I met a lot of nice fun coworkers and everything's new and fresh there because the brand just started in Canada~

4. The fact I had a great summer which accomplished all my goals eg. getting license,traveling,finding job, getting the courses I wanted, finishing courses. I'm glad I had the opportunity to explore the world and has some amazing experience :D 

5. That I am continuing to practice Eckhart Tolle's "Power of Now" and this has enabled me to be detached while enjoying people and events in my life.

6. For EDM because there's so many types of music I can't listen to and it helps me with everyday life, and that I'm going to a big festival in the summer ~

7. That this term's courses enables me to effectively organize my time and I am concentrating more ~

8. That it's Halloween and this means doing makeup looks, candy and carving pumpkins!!

9. For TV shows coming out in the fall and American Horror Story! I will literally look forward to every Sunday ~

10. That I'm alive and able to have means to pursue my dreams with legitimate opportunities, and I always attract people that help me realize the importance of this!!

Anyway, here's my little thanksgiving dinner at my bff's house after work, and some recent self cams ~

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  1. You're lovely & lucky! Your cheesecake is huge!!!

    1. awww thanks love <333 and yes it was amazing!

  2. Yum! That cheesecake looks so delicious!! :D


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