YellowStone National Park 2013: Geyser Basins+Grand Prismatic Spring

By Cathy H - 3:27 PM

Day 2 aka. Geyser day. Went to the lower/upper/midway basins and saw every aquamarine and hot spring feature possible. My favorite is the Grand Prismatic Spring that was filled with so much colors and every time the smoke blew toward me was like some kind of carbon monoxide white gas, and when it lifted the blue-green basin was unveiled in the spring. Had to do a EDM heart for this place as I was listening to ASOT the whole time. It's weird that bacterial matters are responsible for forming the array of colors seen here. Also, it's hard to believe the hot springs lead all the way to the mantle, so essentially when you look down that pool of blue you're looking at infinity!

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