Conquering Grouse Grind!!

By Cathy H - 10:26 PM

Sitting in my room with my legs feeling like they’re about to break. Headed to Grouse Grind with my boyfriend and friend (both of them first timers) to attempt to reach the top. What was different this time was I did cardio for 4 days in a row and I knew I had it in me physical/endurance wise. That gave me a shot of confidence I didn’t have last time when I had cramps and was extremely out of shape. I psyched myself up days before, all I thought is reaching the top everyday and last night I was really ready to go. Went through the whole seabus routine with my poor bf+friend not knowing what  they were about to face… the ¼ mark was actually such a breeze to complete when last time I thought I’d never reach it. I used the trails to the sides instead of the steep stairs along the way as I felt its easier and my bf said I climb like a monkey hahaha. Anyway, with each mark we reached I not only felt amazed at myself but got easier and easier. This is ironic as the trail gets steeper and steeper until there’s nothing but rocks. We took lots of break along the way, and honestly what got me through is positive self talk- “my goal” “I can do it” all along the way and I honestly can say I smiled through the whole thing. Strangely enjoyable to some extent and reached the top in 1 hours + 40 min.  I literally was sprinting up toward to end because I knew there was no stopping me!

What it taught me about myself is if I REALLY want something badly, I will know how to get it and how to work for it. That was 2830 steps in a 3000 ft. mountain but it all starts with one step after the next. If looking too high, there’s higher chance to get discouraged but just working my way up steadily made it bearable. It is really “mind over matter” as clique as it sounds, there is no such thing as unable to take another step just because I was too tired….it is as much a mental challenge as a physical challenge. For someone as sedentary and junk-food loving, exercise hating as me…this is one of my most proud moments in life so far.

I just want to say this was  a  very accomplished and determined summer I had. After conquering the grind I know I am up to many more goals in the near future! I want to experience, simply hoarding materialistic possessions is not the way to go in life. Go through challenges, prepare, set new goals and accomplish them…this is how life should be!! 

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