Sputnik Sweetheart- Review

By Cathy H - 9:59 PM

Finished reading this amazing novel this weekend. I have to say it really opened my eyes to the whole concept of "loneliness" and there's something about Haruki's work that is so surreal and beautiful. It got me thinking how many humans are actually empty and what actually happened in there past life. It portrayed how many people can be messed up and mentally disturbed no matter how old they are, and even if the most precious thing is taken from them they continue existing. And the whole idea of being split in two... that everytime something traumatic happens, you lose a "side" of yourself and is left incomplete. I can't wait to read his other books...I found a new hobby reading books, seriously. They're just so amazing and fulfilling, a nice way to deal with the stupidity of humanity I am experiencing. 

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