Grouse Grind Attempt

By Cathy H - 2:37 PM

Foolishly went to North Vancouver with friend yesterday in an attempt to climb the Grouse Grind MOUNTAIN. Yes, MOUNTAIN. an 1,000+ M stair after stair climb up steep rocky trails with no end. I made it 1/8 before feeling like I was about to pass out. Honestly overestimated myself because of my previous outdoor experiences that were much harder and brutal than this. But that was when I was fit back then, just out of swimming club. I honestly haven't exercised in a year and all I did was eat and have people drive me everywhere. I blamed myself from the beginning of climbing the grind why I hadn't started to build up my endurance weeks before...but now I'm determined to conquer it. I not only had cramps and nearing blackout, my mind kept telling me "screw this, you can't do it..what did you sign up for..just quit!!" and thats what happened. I hate myself for never preservering..if I get even a little tired or challenged, I just QUIT. Honestly I never knew how weak I become until that moment, I had it in me to keep going but my mind kept quitting. So frustrating. But I will go up there myself if I have to and finish to the top next time.

Aside from that we went downtown eating and ocean viewing in our hiking gear... embarassing when everyone else is in their Louis Vuitton and high end clothing hahaha. Had some amazing Greek food and alot of laughs anyway.

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