Snejana Onopka

By Cathy H - 7:55 PM

One of my good friends brought to my attention this supermodel- Queen (Bitch) Snejana Onopka!! 
I agree without alot of her outlooks on life, hence these qoutes. Only blunt truth and no beating around the bush:

"I get excited when I look in the mirror."

•"I don't like ugly people. You walk into Gucci with an ugly person and they think you're there to steal. You walk in with me and one of my friends, and they'll close down the store for us, free of charge." 
•"Once you get to know me, I'm really not that nice." (In response to being called bitchy)

•"I think true intelligence is modesty. So I'm pretty fucking stupid."

•"Nonchalance, with a touch of "I don't give a fuck", and a whole lot of pretty."

•"My personality is a little eccentric, with a dash of narcissism, a touch of glacial body language, and whole lot of stoli."

•"I just had an epiphany! It doesn't matter what I say or do, you're all looking at my face!"

•"I live on the edge. Licking knives, playing with fire, and fine dining; with the not-so-fine."

•"I love you too, you totally non-effeminate yet awkwardly fashionable man."

I have to respect him. And if he’s poor, for what should I respect him then? Of course, he may very well be a very talented artist, but you know as they say, ‘If you’re so smart, why so poor then?

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