A Whole Year Back

By Cathy H - 11:11 PM

I still remember Dec 31st, 2015 in Busan, ecstatic beyond belief and surrounded by my friends in a new country, watching the confetti and balloons drop as we all did the 10 second countdown to 2016. I remember that so vividly. Now it'll be another new year in 2 weeks. I can't fathom the inexplicable reality of time passing. Like everything was all yesterday, but life is also a big, massive day of the same repetitive activity over and over again. Like the movie Groundhog Day. Everything is happening so fast yet so slow. The days creep by until it seemed like the new year is about to arrive with a flip of a single page. Sometimes I envision a 10 second clips of my entire life in 2016 compressed into a blur of moments, the nights out, the 11 plane rides, the sights I photographed. 

This year will be incredible, I told myself no matter what happens. That's because I set foot in a total of 6 countries by the third month of 2016. Every month this year felt like its own chapter, completely different from the other. 

Come January, I was walking around on dusty roads riding a tuk tuk. Come Feburary, I did stayed up until 4am on the first night in Beijing. Come March, I saw a sunset 4,600 meters above ground. And than April & May were filled with mundane days. Summer was a blur of work and volunteer. Fall was full of Halloween costume planning and now I'm sitting here typing this. Nothing this year really fit with each other.  I experienced a extremely dynamic array of friendships and connections in addition to physical locations. I still remember when I was 13, sitting in the same Computer chair weekend after weekend, thinking if life was always going to be the same. And now 10 years later, I've experienced a plethora of events beyond my dreams.  Life for the past 2 years has felt like a dream. When I hear others say they've had a difficult year, I truly can't relate as nothing terrible has happened for so long. I don't know if its my mindset or life itself that gets progressively better with time.

Life feels like a movie. Many fadeout scenes from one person to another, one location to another, non-stop. I'm very grateful this 2016 worked out in my favour. I don't have any resolutions but to let life truly run its course, as I'm not reacting, and letting it all play out in front of my eyes. Let's see what 2017 has in store. 

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