Humanity & Unconsciousness

By Cathy H - 9:56 PM

I will never understand why humans are put  in such a position of despair. I want to promise myself that before I die, I want to make at least a inkling of a contribution to bettering the life of at least one person stuck in extreme poverty. As a child, we are not consciously aware of the suffering that awaits us & we struggle to adjust to the idea of extreme hardship in our field of consciousness as we get older, no matter where our geographical proximity on earth is to be honest. But when a child is struggling to make a living and fend off bonded slavery and sex trafficking with both of their parents dead of AIDS, it makes you begin to wonder why some people are handed so many barriers throughout their lives. I will never understand the quality of life some people are handed no matter how hard they work or wish to escape from it. I don’t care what kind of excuses or reasoning people make for these people but in the end, it is unacceptable and unreasonable they are put into situation situations like this. 

What did I ever do to deserve a place to live in? What did I ever do to deserve living in a first world country? What did I ever do to deserve to expect to eat 3 meals a day? The truth is, we as the privileged population do not deserve any of it. And that rids me with guilt everyday. Life is too easy and I hate myself for forgetting to remember the places and people I’ve seen, the stories and documentaries I’ve digested over the course of my life. It kills me to remember their lives are nothing but a statistics, and even worse at this point in society, the large corporations are too far corrupted to turn back and realize what they are doing to the millions of slave labourers that live a meaningless existence from birth to death as a slave. How did we get to this stage, how did we get to such unconsciousness? 

I wish we all understood our commonality point and had a certain amount of compassion for each other- that we all want happiness and avoid suffering. That we are born into this world, and no matter what happens in the “between’ we end up the same at death. I wish we didn’t feel like we had to struggle for a certain amount of profit, of noteriety, or superiority, of status. That we are fine with being as good as the person next to us no matter what background they came from. I already know that I cannot die knowing I didn’t do a small part to change this somehow. I hate living in this bubble of privilege, this never-ending selfishness for more and more, I am disgusted at myself and those around me for the same amount of selfishness we have towards investing in our own lives when there are so many bigger issues. On top of that, we couldn’t be grateful. Sometimes existence just seems like a joke. 

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