The Beauty of Chance Encounters

By Cathy H - 10:37 PM

As I'm moving forward with life, I began to realize more and more that the harder I tried to plan things, they less they tended to work out in my favour. I'm beginning to understand more and more that sometimes all I can do is experience life and stop thinking ahead and obsessively planning for things beyond my control. It's strange that when I let my in my heart, in my mind, and feel that I am totally at peace with someone or something, they come back to me or benefit me in better ways than before. There is not so much heaviness and I understand they are fleeting, I allow them to go if they wish but also accept that they will come back if it's meant to be. 

I remembered the airport times leaving and the realization of distance of not being with someone I could potentially love for a very long time. Sometimes, chance encounters show me the beauty of unplanning, of how spontaneity can work out. How EVERYTHING had to go perfectly well in advance for us to meet in that moment, on that trip. Of all the people, of all the dates, of all the scheduling, here the two of us were- given this chance to be able to meet. It's the most beautiful feeling realizing I could've almost missed this special person by a millisecond but it's a miracle we met. It's even more beautiful when we both remember that connection so well, we are still in touch. Despite the distance and time zone, we are still connected by those few days of meeting. In my life, I truly believe it was on purpose I am given the chance to meet certain people. The way we connect, the way we shared our lives and listened to each other's, fit us so well that it was really meant to be. I live for these chance encounters because some of the most important people in my life were from a chance encounter. Sometimes, the connection supercedes time and distance. That to me is the purest form of love. I also understand that I have to make peace first, really accepting in my heart that people are allowed to leave and hurt me without reason. Not just saying that as a way of making them inferior and me superior, but knowing the imperfect nature of humans.

After, everything feels so much lighter and strangely they always tend to come back. I am so grateful for these chance encounters and the way they have lived on way past my expectations. What a pleasant surprise, what a beautiful feeling.  Everyone's walking at their own pace, but I believe our paths are destined to be crossed with others who are meant to contribute substantially to our lives.  It's the strangest thing ever.

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