Korea Adventures: Mungyeong Ziplining and Clay Pigeon Shooting

By Cathy H - 11:27 PM

I went to the to JeonCheom, a small town in Mungyeong city in Gyeongbok province for a cultural trip. Since I had my regional orientation there, I was naturally curious what the city had a offer. This time, I chose to try out new activities in Mungyeong- its famous Ziplining course and Pigeon Clay shooting and walking round downtown area of Jeon cheom. At the zipline, we got strapped into our ziplining gear and took a small van up to the top of a mountain. Even though it was winter and all the tree leaves had fallen, it was quite beautiful to see the vast expansion of hills, trees, and even a little snow. We went in a group of 10 with two ziplining guides that hooked and unhooked us. The first zipline was so scary, because we had to walk off a deck that basically lead to a massive canyon. But the rest was easy. We even got to jump, shoot a dart, and lie at a 180 degree to enjoy the scenery. There were some very long ones and fast ones. The whole experience took almost 2 hours but it was so fun! The sun came out and I enjoyed the warmth. We even got ziplining certificates at the end. After that, we went for lunch and tried the “oven roast chicken” which was famous in Korea and it was very good.

After that, we drove to the Mungyeong Shooting Range to do pistol shooting and clay pigeon shooting.  It was my first time holding a pistol and trying clay shooting. The gun was very heavy and the recoil was super strong, but I enjoyed shooting the targets. A Korean worker there helped me hold the gun and aim at the targets. We enjoyed taking a lot of pictures and than headed to dinner, which we had pasta.Overall, I loved exploring Jeon cheom town. It had a big downtown and many nice restaurants. I wanted to try rail biking too but it was too cold for pedaling. However, I’m glad to got to do the 2 most famous activities in Mungyeong this weekend!  Going back there reminds me of when I first came to Korea, to now which is 10 months after. It’s a city full of good memories and nice places, which I was very fortunate to have shared with the friends I’ve made in Korea.

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