BALI 2015: Monkey Forest Ubud

By Cathy H - 8:09 AM

In Bali we had an amazing 3 course dining experience in Seminyak after hitting the beach club. After that my friends flew back first and I had 4 days to myself so one of the last adventures I did was the Monkey Forest, which I went with a Kura kura shuttle bus. I loved the monkey forest, it felt so authentic and you can see monkeys in they real habitats. A lot of entire monkey families just chilling and fascinated tourists like me taking pictures and observing them with delight. It was one of the more authentic island experiences I had aside from the glam of resorts, beaches, and lounges. That's what I love about the island- there is something for everyone! Next time if I visit I'd definitely spent more time in Ubud, it smells so good everywhere with the best restaurants and I just felt like I was like "eat, pray, love" the whole time!

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  1. what a beautiful place it is