BALI 2015: Ubud Batuan Temple

By Cathy H - 9:58 PM

This region was the very first I visited in Bali- the heart of the island Ubud where "Eat Pray Love" was filmed. It is known for its lush green forests, rice terraces, and the whole hipster yoga and meditating region. We went to a local show and than headed to Batuan Temple which was spectacular. For me, visiting these temples was a highlight because I love ancient architectures and ruins. If you look closely at every single detail, it is so intricately carved and detailed. The locals at Ubud basically mass produce artwork,sculptures,and carvings so therefore are quite the masters at decorating and constructing these beautiful temples. For lunch we had the island staple "Babi Guling" which is very tender pork that tastes almost like chicken meat! It was so delicious. 

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