Korea Adventures: 허브힐즈 Herb Hillz Hillcrest Eco-Adventure Theme Park

By Cathy H - 10:08 PM

On a breezy and warm Saturday, I went with friends to Herb Hillz theme park, which is one stop before Spa Valley in Daegu. There are a variety of buses that take visitors there, being a short 30 minutes away from downtown.  There were still construction going on around the area, but we found signs that directed us to the park easily.  The admission price was 9000 won for adults. 

It was a nice place with an abundance of different themed gardens- my favorite being the “green tea” theme and the “international” garden theme with lots of great photo spots and adorable statues such as the Little Prince. Herb Hillz had a very whimsical feeling to it- almost like a fairytale forest with a gentle stream in the background. Many visitors such as young couples, seniors, and families with children were relaxing and taking a stroll. There were animal statues, forest “rest” areas, bridges and even a mini zoo throughout the park!  Though the selection of restaurants was not many, the food was plentiful and very organic and fresh. I had a delicious dish called "flower bibimbap" decorated with real flowers. 

Though we didn’t have enough time, I recommend that visitors who are there all day to take part in crafts or cooking classes while there. This is especially catered to families with younger children, but young couples seemed to be enjoying themselves making crafts such as a mini stained glass to chocolate chip cookies.  

Though Herb Hillz was very beautiful, the reason I visited and my favorite part was the “eco-adventures” section that is open to people of all ages, as there were 15 courses ranging from easy to difficult. Being very adventurous, my friends and I chose the "King Kong" course, which was 25,000 won. This was the hardest course that involved a self-guided zipline canopy course, where we rock climbed, zip lined, balanced on single steel wires, climbed through webs, and went down mini bungee  ump at the end. It was definitely hard and physical exerting, taking us almost 2 hours and out of ten people that started with us, half of the people were still behind us when we were finished.  It was definitely a good workout in an exhilarating and breath-taking way, and what I loved most is that there are no workers there for guidance, as everyone was responsible for attaching their own ropes and ziplines. 

I definitely recommend Herb Hillz to people of all ages, as there is a wide variety of activities and sightseeing to do.  It is a serene place of beauty, tucked away from the busy streets of downtown and most suitable for visit in the spring or summer.  For the adventurous soul, they should have a try at the King Kong course and for those that want to relax and explore, there are plenty of beautiful garden views to take in and even quaint little shops to look around in. Herb Hillz is definitely a gem in Daegu, and one of my favorite places within this city. I would definitely visit there again in the future!

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