Next Life Goal: Move to Dubai/UAE

By Cathy H - 10:04 PM

After a week of research into Dubai and Emirates, I've decided that yes, this is the next goal for me after Korea and university. Here are the following reasons:

1. Being Emirates Flight Attendant: I don't know why I never thought of being a cabin crew until now. Since I'm always traveling and searching up new places to go to, this is the perfect opportunity for a young person to work and travel at the same time. Especially since I want to travel to some remote, infrequent locations such as Africa, Middle East etc. due to no family or friends wanting to go there with me. Since there are so many layovers in new countries everyday,  I would literally be able to see the world! Also, being a flight attendant for Emirates is a dream because its airline is always top rated and their uniforms are so beautiful. If I get in and sign a 3 year contract, I'll have to relocate to Dubai.

2. Exotic, yet so metropolitan: Despite traveling to so many places in North America and living on supposedly the "best" city in the world, Vancouver- I often feel like it doesn't cut it for me here. Yes, life here is peaceful, quiet, the air is fresh and clean, everything's structured and nice, but its not really like an adventure or someplace exciting. It's so...americanized/basic. Like everyday I'm doing the same stuff, same entertainment. No change. I feel like Dubai is always a dream for be because it's the most metropolitan area out of UAE, it feels like the middle of nowhere, it's a entire city built on an desert, it's surrounded by the persian gulf with land and sea, and there's so much luxury/metropolitan vibes to it. It'd be like living in Las Vegas times 10 everyday, with so much things to do. Even though the heat is supposedly like an oven in the summer, I think I can live with them since there's so much indoor activities. There's the city, and than the desert and crystal clear waters. From camel racing to being in a tropical area to enjoying the city all in sounds so perfect. Even though I know that NO amount of moving/relocating to new place will bring eternal satisfaction, it is sure good to switch it up once in a while.

3. Refreshing cultural change: I've always appreciated middle eastern culture since I've had so much Afghan/Persian/Arab friends growing up. From the food to their traditions, I find it to be very appealing for me. Dubai is a conservative place that enforces strict Muslim laws eg. women can't wear skimpy clothes outside, partners can't live together unless they're married. Thus, that makes it one of the safest places in the world with very low crime rate. I'm so curious to meet people from all over the world, immerse myself in the middle eastern culture, try new food, visit all the legendary mosques and religious temples. See how other people in the world live rather than the local ones back home.

4.Arab Men: Who doesn't want to meet someone like the Crown Prince of Dubai.....while randomly shopping/attending to a passenger on a flight? A land where I can meet my own Aladdin and dream I'll be swept off my feet by a Dubai prince/local that looks like this!!

5. A variety of architectural delights: My top 2 favourite building is the Burj Khalifa which is the tallest building in the world and the Burj al Arab, the iconic symbol of Dubai which was completely constructed on an artificial island made of steel rods and blocks. The sheer beauty of the night view has got Times Square NYC looking like developing country. I think I'd be a photography heaven, from the water views, to the endless sea of buildings, to the bright lights at night. Everything is so extravagant, brand new, and dreamy here.

6. Being in the heart of the Middle East: Since its situated so close to other middle eastern countries, it'd be so much more convenient to travel to other exotic countries such as Iran and Egypt. It's like being able to experience what the Middle East offers without facing the civil unrest, war, and government corruption that many other Middle East countries have to face on a daily basis.

Needless to say, I've seriously developed an love for this city and I need to make this goal come true with everything I got. When I do finish my time up in Dubai with Emirates, I can really say I've traveled the world and back. And that to me is the ultimate bucket list and my life purpose. I'm willing to sacrifice everything for this and work hard to achieve it!

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