Garnier Fructis Color Shield Series

By Cathy H - 8:07 PM

This product to me is a once in a while product, not an everyday routine. I use a tone of conditioner every time I wet my hair.This is a rich light pink cream conditioner that matches great with it's shampoo counter-part. This smells like real fruit! This works much better on my hair than other Garnier conditioners and leaves my hair soft and shiny! This doesn't completely fix frizz, and I don't know if it fights against humidity. I use a large amount per shower to work up a good lather so this bottle goes twice as fast as other brands. I usually turn to beauty gurus on youtube for hair advice so I'm keen on seeing reviews for this product. I colour my hair to be spontaneous so I want long lasting colour, but sometimes the weather ruins my hair and makes it frizzy. I give this my shield of approval #colorshield

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  1. i so wish this was avaliable in india
    keep in touch