Meaningless Hollywood "Blockbusters" and Films

By Cathy H - 10:53 PM

After watching Divergent today, I have to say I'm so disappointed in all the "big hits" that are currently on the big screen and rake in millions of dollars from movie go-ers. I have never been much of a movie person because I have a very short attention span, and since most movies take 1/4 of its duration to introduce the setting and characters- I usually don't get around to finishing it. Let's start with Divergent. The book is just as mediocre as the movie is. It draws on commonly used themes like technological mind control, the "special" one in the system, and the heroic girl that stands up for her beliefs. It's just so repetitive and has no sense of creativity or depth whatsoever. Don't even get me started on the factions! The farmers, the hard workers,the truth tellers, the rebels. I mean, how much more basic can a storyline get? May as well make a movie out of a children's fairytale. Also, movies these days are just based off of on another. Like how Divergent is strikingly similar to the Hunger Games. It's not only sci-fi films but also over-hyped films based off of popular novels such as "Fault in Our Stars." I watched that one and almost cried from boredom, the characters were one-dimensional and it was a almost as if you could feel the director shooting it from scene to scene in accordance to the novel. All the characters just repeated exactly what was in the novel and the whole terminally ill and in love young couple theme has seriously been repeated way too much by Nicholas Spark novels "*ahem my sister's keeper*. I don't know why of all the talented actors and actresses out there they had to find the most conventionally "hot" or "handsome" Nickelodeon tweeny type to act in these kind of big on screen films. I feel like 90% of movies these days are pure garbage and don't engage the audience at all. They don't make you think and instead substitute cheap sci-fi and action shots to stimulate the audience's mind. Like the Divergent guys tattoo (I think his name is 4) with all the factions on it and the scene where he says "because I want to be all of them and be a kind/smart/fearless person." Like come on, I had to laugh at the faked emotions of his acting hahaha. Honestly these movies are so lame it seriously makes me borderline angry that its even produced and people actually put legit effort into post-production (?)

I think a good movie should consist of a intriguing storyline, engaging actors and stunning cinematography. It may not even have to be big budget. It just has to appeal the audience in a kind of way that will engage their thinking and maybe even change the way they think about life. That's why I hardly go to the theatres these days, I wish modern day movies weren't so bland and meaningless.

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