Girl Power: Independence and Potential

By Cathy H - 1:05 AM

Last night I watched a Chinese movie about four young friends that join forces to pursue a career in the entertainment industry only to make it out barely alive or scarred for life. Mostly, it centralizes around how they fall into temptations to attach themselves to rich men that basically buy them out. With this, comes many scandals and  all of the girls end up in ill fate. One gets murdered by her "second generation" rich young  husband who ends up being over controlling. The other loses her entire savings in being scammed by her foreign fiancé which promises to buy a house together but stole all her bank funds. The 3rd girl falls off a stripper pole with head injury while performing for her husband/sugar daddy and his friends, only to be ushered out with disgust on order of her husband. The last girl got caught in a internet scandal which caused depression. At first I thought this movie was all so trivial and it didn't hold any relation to real life until the last scene as shown in the second picture. The manager of one of the girls brings her to a showroom with all the clothes she received from entertainment companies and tells her to take whatever she wants because she hardly touched them. Than she says "men treat women like these clothes, you are just a pretty dress or bag on the rack for them. One day you may be new and enticing to them, but the next day they may get sick of you and move on to another trend." This really hit home for me because I personally experienced this not only myself, but I see some of my closest friends going through it. The appeal of depending on an man. The appeal he offers when he tells you "don't have to worry about money", the times you get fine-dined or even receive a new car or apartment from them like one of these girls do. 

It's all too appealing. However, people rarely give freely out of goodwill or genuine love.  After all, free is expensive. Receiving expensive presents, being payed for, all that accumulates until it leaves a guilt/burden on you that you owe someone forever. Suddenly, those free meals and things here and there don't seem so "free" anymore. Money is just something men can control women with because it creates codepdence and on goes the spiral. As I like to call it, men in particularly offer you fake charity in order to benefit their own desires and selfishness. No matter how beautiful or loyal women you are, you may just get tossed out like trash and replaced and left with nothing if you have no solid foundation to begin with. Instead of relying on men and their preference for you for pathetic charity of monetary offering, why not build your own foundation? I often find myself considering to settle being a mediocre "housewife" because lets face it, in society the struggle is real. I have no idea where life is taking me but something inside me tells me I deserve more, I can accomplish more, I can do something with life. Which brings me to this video:

Maybe there's no "why" in life so far. Maybe I'm scared to see where life will actually take me if I did give it my all. I think that is the problem, hence why I stay in my comfort zone for fear my "all" is not enough. I have the proclivity to follow a certain routine, and I get upset when changes need to be made. I don't believe in my potential to make some sort of positive change such as in the video, I find myself within the past 21 years of my life constantly finding something to fill my time so I don't have to think about what really matters to me, what I want to do. Whether that's a minimum wage job where I hate every moment of it but just settle, or seeking relationships, or going on trips...anything to attempt to fill that void. When I actually think about my goals I get nervous. But I know I can do something significant, and no man or short cut is going to be my way of reaching it. I know it's up to be to fufill my potential. 

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