Armin Van Burren Intense Tour Concert Vancouver May,4,2013

By Cathy H - 12:37 PM

Hey guys! Last night I both almost died and had the time of my life. I know it's clique when people say that after a concert but Armin Van Buuren is seriously hands down the king of trance. The way he plays his music with that cute smile seriously make my heart melt and lose control! What I love about Armin is his steady progression and build up to an amazing synth is just perfect, not too many beats or bass. I've always been a dubstep/trance fan because I love the bass drop, vocals and most of all the melody!

Me and my bff went to eat downtown with her brother initially with no ticket to the event because I felt sick and we couldn't negotiate a deal with sellers. So we started walking to the convention center after dinner and 2 sellers just approached us and sold their tickets! We than got in around 9pm (Armin came at 10:30pm) to get to the front! Btw, there were lots of Vietnamese girls in heels and rave clothes...I wonder how they survived 5 hours of standing. Me and my bff were just wearing casual attire and undressed as always haha. We got to the front section and this asian guy literally started acting like our bodyguards like "hey you girls are cute so I don't want no creepers on you" haha guess he meant well. A couple of DJ's were playing before he came on and than the lights dimmed, the screen said "Hello Vancouver...." and than came Armin!!

He looks like such a kid in person always wearing his white shirts! I never seen anyone smiling that much in one night. At first the crowd was squishing and went crazy so I almost couldn't breathe..but it got better because me+my bff went to the front after 2 guys made room for us and acted like our gate the whole night with arms wrapped around like "THEY'RE OUR GIRLS BACK OFF". At the very front was amazing, I could see him smiling and kept screaming I LOVE YOU ARMIN and making his A sign with my hands. He played many songs from new album Intense and my favorite: Skyfire, Stellar, This is what it feels like,Firefly, and Forever is Ours. It was overall positive atmosphere except for this rude guy that kept pushing and being a pain. But we decide we're not here to fight so we ignored him and kept looking at Armin doing his thing haha.

There was a lot of confetti and steam effects, every time the progression build up to the release I went crazy! Now I completely lost my voice and have various bruises from being rammed against the barrier. It ended at 1:30pm and it was the best time I could ask for! Congratulations to Armin for his Intense album making it to #1 in 20 countries. There's a reason he's the king because damn, his trance is incomparable. The other scary part of the night is wen we were walking home after and a coyote and literally stalking us from behind (they attack your neck first) and we freaked out and ran for our lives. All I can say is ...YOLO. I would go through the pain, moshpits and near death animal encounter all over again for moments like this. No one remembers the nights they stayed home and got plenty of sleep, the best things happen unplanned. Thank you Armin for an unforgettable 4 hours of state of trance! Je bent geweldig, ik hou van je! Xoxo

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