No Hate in the NEW YEAR!!

By Cathy H - 3:56 PM

I just wanted to say that I'm VERY proud of the person I've become in the new year of 2013. I've learned that people are unstable, and that it isn't their fault if they wrong me in some way because everything ends up being reciprocated. I've learned not to put a label and judgement immediately on everything, but simply to let it be. The hold you hate in your heart actually is like a double edged sword that ends up poisoning you, and there is absolutely no reason to stress yourself out like that. If you let someone's wrongdoings or misunderstandings sit for a while, they eventually end up dissipating inside of making a big scene out of the problem where more people and things get complicated. I think its crucial to realize that life is for living and not to make more room for drama, fights, judgement  There is no "other" because we are all one!! It's nice to be loving and caring toward everyone possible, because it is a struggle to get through a day, a week or a year. Just let your guard down and be ready to accept people's mistakes, the only thing you "hurt" is your ego and even than it is not the real self anyway. It feels so light to just let everything go and focus on everything going well in life, because it is a ongoing continuum that stops for nobody. 

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