By Cathy H - 7:07 PM

Hello as I sit in my room listening to heavy rain outside. This past week, midterms finally hit and I've been study with my bff (I can officially call her this since we hang out everyday) at her house and multiple sleepovers, midnight food binges, laughs about boy problems in our "Beavis and Buttheads" voice and trying to get some studying in between. Sometimes people walk in your life expectantly and you realize this is just fate..this is just how alike you guys are and everything begins fitting together like a puzzle. I'm glad to have someone to spend my gloomy winter days with..and as for boys, well they are just boys. I just put less importance on them, even if I can worry about a thousand things. Because I am here, not "there" and thinking just makes up unwanted things that don't exist.  Sometimes I think people put impossible standards upon relationships and causes unnecessary suffering and worrying. Just keep in mind the people who treat you well and are always there for you, if you are grateful than that, I firmly believe good things will continuously come to my life!
Anyway, I dont know what it is about the rain that increases loneliness. So instead of wallowing at home all day which gives me a headache, I just go out almost everyday and have a good time. I am in such a peaceful and satisfied mood now...I count the days I felt like this, its almost been a month of bliss. Cheers! xxx

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