Red to Blonde?

By Cathy H - 6:49 PM

I've had my hair salon-dyed red for a little over a month and I have to say that despite the many compliments on the color I got, it is really a pain to maintain.  I have to rinse my hair with CHI color conditioner every few days of which is a pinkish solution that not only takes 30 minutes of waiting, but 10 minutes of rinsing in cold water and literally gets everywhere. It's unfortunate to have black asian hair despite the many times I've dyed it, and no salonist suggest I go through with complete bleaching my hair though I've always wanted blonde.  Yesterday, I got blonde bleach and is officially going super light very soon. I havent decided what color Ive specially want to tone it after bleaching it, probably close to platinum or a ashy color. I just want to have a vibrant haircolor and though this blonde process is probably going to severely damage my hair and don't know how long I can keep it for, I will do it because it's one of those things one my bucket list! After I finish using up all my color conditioner with RED, its BLONDE TIMEEEEE

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