By Cathy H - 1:51 AM

After finding how what the hype was all about this evening after watching the "STOP KONY 2012" video, I have a few things to say about this "stop evil once and for all" movement the objective of the video is trying to create.

The conflict of child soldiers have been going on for a long time without just the influence of ONE man, but rather derived from a culture of rebels that have historically taken over countries such as Uganda. It is definitely disheartening thinking how cruel life is for some children in these areas, with families killed, being forced to kill at such a young age and made to commit horrific acts of violence. Yes, these are horrible. But the point of the video focuses too much on one man. The underlying roots of the problem, including how corrupt some governments and armies are in those third world countries should be the main focus rather than trying to catch one man driven into the Ugandan forest. How about after he's caught if this movement proves to be successful? Another person would just resume his role. I don't think there is emphasis on the fact that these children face such situation because of the corrupt country they live in. The corrupt authorities are the one that need intervention.

If we're going to focus this much energy for the capture of one man that doesn't even necessarily solve the problem, the other horrific problems such as starvation, AIDS and extreme poverty would need to be acknowledged as well, right? I feel like this video doesn't explain enough of the HISTORY of rebels and war that lead to the development of child soldiers and sex slave trafficking. I feel like this video a propaganda in itself pulling on heartstrings without explain the whole context and backdrop of the situation. It's not to say this movement is useless, but it just emphasizes too much that the capture of ONE man who has destroyed 30,000 children's lives could stop the entire problem of child soldiers and "end war once and for all."

As well, watching this clip really made me reflect on our world and life. Listening to the Ugandan child cry about wanting to be shot now to join his brother in heaven really left me hurting for these children as well. Sometimes society is way too caught up, especially in first world countries about our problems such as feeling sad over school, arguments with family, or not being to afford certain materialistic things and engaging in upward comparison with those wealthier than us that leave us feel deprived and jealous. But comparing our problems with the lives of these child soldiers who are forced to mutilate and kill their OWN family in threat of losing their own lives is honestly beyond imagination. I just think, why must some people endure so much pain and hardship? Why do some people in a million dollar mansions and have a pampered life while others must suffer so unimaginably? Sometimes I feel too caught up in my own problems, and though not as severe as losing all my basic needs, I feel very overwhelmed. But sometimes when I see videos of less fortunate children my heart seriously aches. I complain about school all the time but to imagine that many in this world dont even have the chance to get their dreams fulfilled is so disheartening. We need to all understand the many complexities and issues different regions of the world face, and that these big scale problems need to be resolved because it's seriously not fair for people to suffer.

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