The Breaker's Manson/Marble House @ Newport

By Cathy H - 9:51 PM

These mansions were built tens of years ago by the wealthiest men in US. One of them was the owner of the US railway at the time-owning the Breaker's Mansion. There's a total of 6 mansions BUT the Breaker's was the most spectacular. Unfortunately, photos weren't allowed inside but I can't describe the amount of artistic detail, golden carvings and exquisite sculptures that were inside. The stairs are literally entirely made of white marble, and the living rooms full of solid gold decorations. Every inch of these mansion's was built in Europe, taken apart and shipped overseas to the US. It's just amazingly being inside, taking it all in- that one family could own THIS amount of luxury. The Newport mansions are definitely one of the most beautiful places in the world.

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