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By Cathy H - 4:21 PM

Made this after finishing the amazing drama- City Hunter! The lyrics from "Escape" just fit Minho's character so much + I ALWAYS wanted to vid with this song. Basically from the City Hunter's point of view, & how much he has to sacrifice for the purpose of revenge. 
In the end, was it worth it?
"Time to escape
The clutches of a name
No this is not a game
It's just a little beginning
I don't believe in fate
But the bottom line
It's time to pay
You know you've got it coming
This is war"

The first reaction after watching the last episode of City Hunter was: that's all? Because I felt like they rushed the ending with still a few loose ends to tie up. Did father & son reunite after all? & Why is he driving by himself at the end scene instead with Kim Nana whom he was in love with during the whole drama? But overall, it was really excellent. 90% kudos goes to Minho for portraying the City Hunter- he had the looks(extremely handsome but smart at the same time) & his action stunts (of which he did all by himself!) It just makes the drama that much better & harder to believe such a perfect man exists ;-). I felt like some parts had way too much talking, especially during the first few episodes. But toward the end, it just got better & better! It was unbelievable that the prosecutor died..what's the reason? Ironically, he was the one that wanted to catch City Hunter, but his last words before death recognized the goodness of actions that the City Hunter did for citizens, of which the unfair law couldn't.

 This drama incorporates many aspects of life & society- from the concept of revenge, sacrificing for the better cause, choosing emotions/protecting loved ones than ruthless murder, & the corruptness of government- like the 5 that planned the Sweep Missions- from manipulating & overturning law to prevent their arrest, to taking advantage of college tuition donation funds, & lastly making their factory laborers work in inhumane conditions that result in chemical poisoning. It shows that not only society is corrupt, but the very people that should've been protecting citizen's & their rights (such as the president) actually use unclean methods to get their position. 

Some moral issues in this drama really made me cringe. Such as when City Hunter's stepdad "Steve"  literally tore Yoon Sung's family apart from the beginning. To taking him from his mom & telling him she abandoned him, to making him grow up believing his mission was to avenge for a man that he believed was his father..with the ultimate target being his real father. How cruel could someone be to use someone else's life as merely a possession, in order to help achieve his own selfish purposes?  Than comes the girl he loves- Kim Nana of which the only way to keep her safe was not to be around her. "Do not fall in love with anyone" was what his stepdad commanded him in the beginning. It goes to show that love&emotions complicate things much more and there is that much more worrying than happiness, in his case. Sometimes love doesn't always mean happiness. Finally, the Prosector's role was the most tragic. He had to take public ridicule for his father's actions, stand by helplessly watching the City Hunter take over, & finally for the sake of finding truth sacrifice his own life. Lastly, this drama portrays how unequal society is. The upper & lower class. Kim Nana's parents, which one died & the other became a human vegetable was not served with justice. The criminal, which was the prosecutor's dad merely threatened the witness in order to buy his own innocence. Money really is the root of all evil, and the main cause for suffering in this world

The storyline was seriously well scripted, because there were lots of surprising turns & realizations when everything started fitting together. I have to say, Korean acting is the best in the world-the characters & situations always portray aspects of real life. It's always very precise & not overly cheesy/unbelievable. Go korean dramas! 

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