Britney Spears; Hold it Against me- Song Meaning

By Cathy H - 3:31 PM

I've been a huge fan of Britney since childhood, all her songs bring back the most wonderful memories. I just can't get enough! With the new premiere of her most recent song "Hold it Against Me" yesterday, the video which came along with it was quite controversial. I didn't expect this at all- I imagined a light dance scenes with her flirting with some guy. So, after thinking alot about what this video means, here's my interpretation:

Start of career- represented by the meteor that hits earth. This is like her arrival to the music industry.
Celebrity status- as she's putting on perfume and getting makeup applied, this glam image portrays her fame.
Popularity- As she's floating up in her long white dress, surrounded by walls of her old music videos- this is the "process" or "history" of all the work she's accomplished so far, gaining the immense success she has.
Love Relationships- As she's looking at the "Plenty of Fish" site on the touchscreen TV-with a variety of guy's profiles, she's chosen one to fall in love with.
Breakdown- we all know that period when she had lots of personal issues and internal struggles, with her shaving her head and going through custodies with her ex husband. The paint splattered everywhere & her descending shows her fall in reputation as she's ridiculed by press and the public during this time. Her meltdown is shown as she fights with herself, collapses with her dress ruined as well as the past videos in the screens.
Comeback- She slowly rises from the floor and goes back to her glam image, with her dancing that represents the pop princess she's always been known as! She's back harder and stronger. ;-)

There ya'll have it! I love both the song and video, & I hope people who don't understand what this video means now does.

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