Favorite Text: Angel in the Laundromat

By Cathy H - 10:43 PM

"so, you meet an angel in a laundromat. and you’re wondering what the fuck you’re doing here and she’s wondering who let you get so bent but you can’t help but notice her eyes. those eyes those eyes those eyes. soft and hollow and healing. you let them fill you as you stare; fill you with everything you’ve never felt before and before you know it you begin to cry. you cry you cry you cry because you don’t know what the fuck you’re doing here (you don’t) but you know it’s for a reason. you know if you would’ve kept driving you never would’ve stopped and your next breath would’ve been in heaven (you just wanted to get to heaven). so, you see an angel in a laundromat. halo on the floor. she shakes out her wings. the dust looks like glitter but she doesn’t notice. all she can think about is how she let someone down or let someone go or let something fade. but not today. not you (not yet). today she has something to be proud of. today is worth celebrating. today she doesn’t have to bring empty palms back to god. because today, there was an unscheduled rest stop on your long sad drive home, and an angel had some cleaning to do. so you meet an angel in a laundromat. she makes you cry and she takes you to heaven."
Via Heaventalk

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