Relationships & Friendships: Don't Chase People

By Cathy H - 12:12 AM

This concept very much eminates my thought process this year.  I understand this now. Everything is very simple for everyone in life. Every relationship or connection is sustained by physical and emotional effort. If I am going to ask someone more than 5 times to lunch, and each time they flaked out how am I going to take it? Just leave it and move on.  My whole life has been a "leave the pieces on the floor and walk away" mentality. I don't believe in the romanticized version of fighting to death to keep someone in your life. This applies to relationships and friendships. If I don't feel it, I just leave it.  I truly believe that connections are made by fate, so if our relationship is so strained it makes trying not worth it.

 Also, time and time again I am proven by many exceptions of people going making an conscious effort to sustain our connection. Whether it is making the attempt to say they miss me through texting, an request to Skype, a simple "Hello", or flying in to visit for a few days. In no way do I ever expect anything out of people in general. My expectations are extremely low because I understand everyone has their own schedules and personal issues to deal with.  So these gestures touch me very much.  In fact, I value relationships and friends on a equal basis. What annoys me greatly is people that project their personal beliefs or insecurities about our relationships, falsely I must say on me and make that an reality.  If someone is going to use the self fulfilling prophecy on me & accuse me of being this way or that, is someone I need to cut out of my life.  Initiation should be half an half. It is so simple, and I feel that hardly anyone has the decency these days to sustain a normal, human connection. It is riddled with white lies, false assumptions, and fast goodbyes. 

I can't bring myself these days to care one bit.  Ofcourse I am disappointed, but so what? Life goes on, I refuse to mull over first world problems that have easy solutions. Goodbyes are simple for those that don't need to stay in your life.

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