Geo Field study trip.

8:17 PM

This morning at 7:00 AM I left with my geo class for a trip to Stanley park and Shannon falls in whistler. That is where the 2010 olympic games were held in! It was a long ride there and back. But, the scenery was absolutely amazing despite the pouring rain. On the way there, the guys at the back brought along a guitar and were singing throughout the whole way. I brought all my Halloween candy along since they were the ones I didn't like so I gave it to them. In return, they sung a song for me. "C-A-T-H-Y YOU KNOW BABY YOU'RE THE SWEETEST PIE" well, my friend caught it on camera and showed me afterwards and even right now I just can't stop laughing at the epicness.  The funniest- that guy eating his sandwich like calm person. The best moments ALWAYS happen on that ghetto school bus. See the video and pictures!

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