1:49 AM

Dear Mom and Dad,

One million emotions are running through at once when I think of you guys. You are the biggest support, to provide me with possesions and advice, and also my biggest downfall. You know how many times you made me feel so hurt and worthless. I will never be able to say "I love you" again. Our relationship is like a piece of paper. To start with, it was a white canvas, smooth and unwrinkled. At this point, it's full of ugly pen marks and crinkles. No matter how hard we try to smooth it out again, there still remains the hideous folds. We've had so many hard feelings and fights, I don't ever believe we'll go back to being a good family again. Let's not even attempt anymore...all it ends up being is a broken record. One day thinking we could have a "fresh start", then days later getting into yet another catastrophic fight. I'm so tired of this relationship, wringing my emotions out and making me always feel unsettled and uneasy. I know, on my part, I haven't been the easiest kid to raise at all. It's both our faults. I've already come to make peace with this, so please, for the sake of our barely surviving relationship of a family, treat me with respect for the last year of me living in this house. I still wish you guys well, despite everything you did and said to me. You made me grow a shield and trained me to block out unpleasant things. At least I have this to thank you for. I believe, after surviving this relationship, I will be able to face anyone in the future.


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