8:14 PM

Dear stranger,

You are someone I made up in my mind since I was 10 years old. I didn't imagine a look for you, but in my mind you're the same race as me. I don't think there's any words in the world to describe what type of relationship you have with can I type this without sounding crazy? I never told anyone or wrote it anywhere, so this feels really wierd, because now I'm literally bringing you to existence. You're a faceless,vunerable,and kind hearted person who lives a hard life and gets taken advantage of. I always imagine scenes of you inside my head, like a little movie reel. You're always injured either physically and mentally. This character of you in my mind, since 7 years ago always persisted with me. But as I'm "daydreaming" everything's a blur, and it's almost like I can go inside you in first person. The feelings I have when I "see" you are strange, but really,really strong. It's like part of my life that plays out every night before I go to bed, and on days when I can sleep in. I don't know how this managed to happen, or if anyone else in this world has a vision like this too. Maybe, you come from the 3rd dimension world? I can't imagine dating a boy and being a loyal girlfriend, because inside my mind, you are a part of me and I need you. I have no idea what I'm going to do about this in the future. I think you'll stay until the end though. Again, I can't describe this properly... even I can't make sense of it. So much for me being normal, ha.


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