5:53 PM

Dear Laura,

 I thought about all my friends I met through the web, and I guess it wasn't hard to pick, since I don't have many from the internet anyway (unlike the girl with 1312312312 million online buddies xD )
Where to start? First, we've known of each other for 10 month! Reaching one year, if we reach October 2010. =)
Ok, I guess I never told you what you mean for me, but ofcourse, I'll tell it now! During last winter, I was going through bad times, due to personal/family issues and a crazy amount of school work that overtook any happiness I had left in me. Then, I met you and listened to your words and advice,remember how we'd always meet up for our weekend chats? It was always noon over here and near midnight at Estonia. Not to mention those epicly long "VOLUME 1 & VOLUME 2" facebook posts. I swear, without you, last year would've been unbearably boring and even harder than it was.  I think you were a big reason that gave me hope and made me look forward to better times. You are really wise, you know? How you always manage to come up with these deep theories (the TH fan forum && physological internet life people) that nobody else I know manages to think of. I love those great,deep conversation we get into, and it's also great to see someone who shares the same point of view as me.  It's really strange that I feel so connected to you over most of my other friends who live near me. My friends rarely understand my problems or take the time to help. But you always come to the rescue, like a superwoman D:  Also, you're very beautiful and intelligent ( think that's the first words I wrote to you). This distance doesn't even seem to matter! I know you care about me, and I care about you. This friendship feeling always remains with me, and sometimes when we're both busy and occupied, without even talking to each other for days, we always resume right back. It's sad that we don't talk as often as before, since it's summer and it's so hard for us to find time to chat and catch up on our hectic lives.  So, I say thank you for all the helpful words, funny moments, and stories you tell me about. I want this relationship to last, and maybe if fate or our lives allow it, one day we might even see each in person, who knows?  You hold a big special place in my life, you know=] Also, whoever dropped you as a friend or pushed you from their lives, they'll realize one day what a big loss they made. You are amazing in every single way, I mean it 100% 1
Ich liebe dich, baby<3


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