10:32 PM

Dear Lucy,

I used to adore you. We always had a connection in some sort of wicked, wierd way. Like those random nicknames we made up for people and the times we laughed until we almost cried. I miss it, even though we insulted each other & told bad stuff on each other, our relationship back then was much better than now. We don't even talk anymore, ever since that day when you threw the watermelon peel at my face and I punched you back. Since that day, when our mother forced us to quit talking, we did. It's already been seems like we were never sisters in the first place. I guess, I've always been jealous and annoyed that you took our parent's attention all for yourself. You are a natural showoff and attention seeker. I silently wish for other's compliments and never bragged about myself. I was a quiet and shy loner in elementary, while you have so many friends due to your outgoing personality. We are exact opposites. That's what made us seperate apart. I know, if I started speaking with you again, you would be so happy. I don't know why I'm still holding a grudge against you, when I should be more mature and older one. So, for the time being, we're ignoring each other. That's for the best, at least we're not hurling insults and having hard feelings anymore. Maybe, one day we'll makeup and everything will be good again.


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