5:06 PM

Dear Dreams,

I'm not the person with dreams that reach the sky. I don't aim to achieve great wealth or have a prestigious, high class life. All I dreamed of are modest things that are within my ability. High ones are too tiring to reach. I want to to one day acquire a job which enables me to travel all over the world. I need to go to Europe; thats's everything which working towards which pushes me forward with a great drive of hope.I hope, to accomplish this! Sometimes, I feel I need to achieve these things with such a burning desire, it actually hurts. You know, I'm not the most strong-minded, determined, or hardworking person. But realize this, once I actually set my mind to reaching goals, I will achieve it everytime. I don't give up, but rather live by this motto "To live with no regrets, give my 100% in everything I do." I know, I live in dreams alot. You help give me motivation for mindpower and ultimately creating my future, in however way I want it to be. Thank you for that! Without you, I'd never persist through anything, let alone finish them. I dream, before I go to sleep, with such a sense of reality it feels like it's happening in front of my eyes. I dream about him, you know. You're the only bridge I have that gives me the chance to reach him. Everywhere I go, I do. I don't believe every thought I have is possible, but I can sure feel it when it is. You give me a reason to live each day, as I keep looking forward to bigger,better, more exciting. You are my absolute biggest strength.


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