4:50 PM

Dear Dianne,

I don’t know if we had anything of a relationship to begin with. Remember last year, we were “best friends” during COAST? If you could even call it that, because when you were with me, you were looking everywhere else and trying to climb up the social ladder. I don’t blame you or think less of you for being like this, because from the beginning of our friendship, I knew you had always been a very spontaneous person. You didn’t value what I meant to you and how I was standing here all along, influencing you into living life peacefully and taking responsibility for your actions. I was too goody-too-shoes for you, I guess. It’s great we’re still on acquaintance-talking terms though, no hard feelings between us. But, we rarely talk anymore, and when we do, it’s all about your “new life”. Honestly, can you say you’re now much happier without me by your side? Maybe you have more friends now, and a boyfriend like you always wanted, but do they really give you something valuable? Oh yeah, and ofcourse I know, what a surprising thing you did with him. See, I was there for you, to listen to your millions of complaints and rants when you needed me to. But these friends who you can hang with and joke around with, when you need actual support someday, will they sit there patiently and help you out? I don’t think so. You value what people perceive you on the surface too much, and needed to keep an reputation. I don’t care so much about that, and I guess it was my fault to stop hanging out with you. I couldn’t be there for you every day, so you decided to move on. Just to tell you, if I wanted such a life where I got drunk every other day and randomly sexed boys everywhere, with almost failing grades, I’d accomplish this the next minute. But I need to think ahead about the future, I can't live and laugh for the moment.  But, I am scared of living like that and putting myself in such a vulnerable position with all my dignity being gone.Do you even realize how important these two years are? Yet, when you left my side, you screwed it up.  So, I have the capability to be like you anytime I chose, but I’d never do it because I’m smarter, and I know better. We had many great memories together, and with you, I’d have to say the time we spent together was very unique. So, here’s to all our jokes, laughs, moments, and the plain silliness of everything we went through, I’ll still remember you for a very long time.


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