8:52 PM

Dear Joseph Kim,

I hate you. You’re that kind of rude, selfish, arrogant person who cheats off other’s money and takes advantage of them. Because you know I’m nice, you borrow my money saying “next day, I’ll return it to you!” and you never did. I hate you for judging me and Tina, like you knew any shit about our relationship. What was wrong with her having a Korean boyfriend? Who says Persians can’t date Koreans? Who are you to say, in what position do you even think you stand. I fucking hate Korean fobs like you who act more superior than everybody else. Guess what boy, no race is superior and you better come back down to earth. You think you can get all the “ulzzang” girls with your wanna-be messed up look. Have I mentioned you smell like rotting shit, because of all the cigarettes you smoke? How you just stood there pointing fingers criticizing me, when your own dirty greasy fingers weren’t even clean in the first place. You’re a perverted, dirty minded person. I still cant believe you even have friends. What the hell do they see in you? I find it hilarious that you’re a poor, ugly, lowlife in the first place, yet you look down upon others. Dude, not cool. How you manipulate pretty girls only, and do everything for your reputation. You’re so brutally honest, critical, and straightforward it hurts other people and therefore, bad karma will come back to you someday. Oh yeah, and don’t you fucking think I didn’t know you stole my iTouch. You fucking thief, how dare you make me feel so despaired and sad, then come to class the next day and act like you did nothing. You’re unbelievable. Everything you do, is so morally wrong and disgusting. Hate is a strong word, but I am absolutely repulsed by you. Stay the hell away from me next year, and don’t come stealing my stuff and trying to talk shit on me. Some people have no conscience or common sense. You’re one of them. I sincerely wish you to experience something horrible for all the people you hurted. This world needs no place for such a person. Go to hell.


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