12:07 PM

Dear Bill,

Love hurts, love lies.
Love deceits, but love never dies.

Since last Feburary, the moment I saw you, heard Monsoon....I could not take my eyes off of you. It was like love at first sight, instant attraction. I remembered at the beginning when I was discovering all the facts and pictures about you, I was so intrigued at your look and literally thought about you 10 times a second. Where to begin? I have no words to describe all these feelings I have for you. All I can say is, it's more than just some silly puppy love crush. I'm sure of it, because I've never liked someone this long.
I love the way you walk, the way you talk with your cute little accent that makes me wanna squeeze you into a huge bear hug. Your voice is so amazing, when I'm sad and listen to your songs it feels like you're singing directly to me, and immediately I feel better. You inspired me to learn so much, and I make artworks all because of you. I don't think it'll ever be possible to find such a handsome, sweet, and childish boy like this. So thank you, for bringing me some valuable moments and friends. Though you're a million miles away...I feel you close, right at my heart. Love sacrifices, the truth hurts. The fact is, I'll never be with you. The distance, the fame and fortune, all these differences. If only, in my biggest dreams that we had come across each other as everyday people...I never wanted your money or things, it doesn't matter if you wore a garbage bag or had a scarred face suddenly. I feel for you the same, with the sense of unfaltered. You don't even know...the worst thing is, millions of others feel like me. Who am I to say? I have no position or right to do or have a say in anything. This love is crazy, and it hurts me so bad many times. But, you see...I am here for you, you are here for me, emotionally, and if a day comes that everyone else walks out, I'd walk in, and stand beside you with no hesitation.


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